11 Nis 2008


There Can Only Be One

Kobe Bryant ve ShaQuille O'Neal:

There are so many emotions at the end of the season. Nobody likes to talk about it. The one of them is fear. The fear that you have come this far and it all can end. The dream could die. But me... I like to fear. It means I'm close. It means I'm ready.

LeBron James ve Kevin Garnett:

I dream about winning it all probably since i was 9 years old. I remember seeing Jordan(LeBron)/Bird(KG) win it all. I made up my mind right then. That was going to be me. I was going to be part of them. Some dreams fade over time. But not this one.

Dwight Howard ve Chris Paul:

We're gonna win. Yeah. That's not me bragging. That's me believing. That's me believing myself and my teammates. And trust me. You ask anyone who's ever won a ring. Anyone who's ever been a champion. They believe too. We're not here to lose.

Benim notum: Adamlar yine yapmış.. En klası da Kobe ve ShaQ'ınki olmuş tabii.. Artistler..


Ronnie dedi ki...

bunun walter hermann ve sean marks'lı olanı da çıkmış abi, yersen eheh..


selaminko dedi ki...

bence en güzeli dwight howard & chris paul eşleşmesinden çıkanı olmuş.nerdeyse tamamen senkronize bir şekilde söylemişler.

Ömer dedi ki...

mukemmel olmus, bu adamlar harbiden bu isi biliyor..

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